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Christ Temple Apostolic Church

370 West Lincoln Street
Oberlin, OH 44074

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Christ Temple Apostolic Church was born on one blustering day in the winter of 1913 when Brother Willie Lawson baptized Brother Garrett in icy Plum Creek. The first services were held in member homes. Outgrowing these small accommodations, the congregation began renting spaces on South Park, Sumner, Grafton Streets, as well as in a storefront where Wright Park now stands. In 1920, a house was donated by one devoted member and from here the church carried out its mission for ten years. The space held no baptismal pool, so baptisms were conducted at the Black River. The cars of parishioners would pull to the bank and let their headlights illuminate the dark surface of the water as individuals opened themselves up to Christ and joined the Christ Temple congregation. The Sims home soon proved inadequate for the growing congregation and, in 1928, a new space was purchased on South Pleasant Street. Sixteen years later this structure was razed and the men and women of the congregation constructed a new church. This edifice served the church for over thirty years until Christ Temple moved to its present location and once again erected a new house of worship.

Fall, 2009

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